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Privacy Notice

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   We take the privacy of the data you give us seriously. Please read our Privacy Policy for full details of how we use data about you. Note in particular:
   -  data about you will be shared between the various PMI companies and their service providers;

   -  when you upload data about you, it may be accessed not only by the PMI company mentioned in the job posting to which you apply but also by other
      PMI companies, who will each process data about you for their own recruitment purposes. The PMI companies may also refer other PMI companies to
      data about you, together with their assessment of data about you. Such sharing of data between PMI companies allows us to find job offerings that
      may interest you;

   -  the PMI companies and their service providers can be in any part of the world, both in the European Union and outside it, including countries
      which do not provide an “adequate level of protection” as specified by EU and Swiss legislation, such as the USA and Hong Kong. However, wherever
      PMI companies and their service providers are located, they will always protect data about you in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
     If you do not want data about you to be shared between the various PMI companies and their service providers, please do not apply for a job with us.
     Further details on the information sharing can be found in paragraph 1.2 of the
Privacy Policy.
  If you click on “Proceed” and begin your application, any data you enter will be submitted for processing in accordance with the Privacy Policy. However:
   -  you need not complete all the data for your application at one sitting: you may click on the “Save as Draft” link and return to complete the application at
      any time; and

   -  your application will not be reviewed until it is complete.
  If you decide not to apply at this time, or you do not accept the processing of data about you, and transfer abroad, as described above and in the 
    Privacy Policy, click on the button “Decline”
       Privacy Agreement for Slovakia: Slovenská verzia
       Privacy Agreement for Slovenia: Slovenska različica
       Privacy Agreement for Albania: Marreveshje kofidencialiteti per Shqiperine
       Privacy Agreement for Bosnia and Herzegovina: Sporazum o privatnosti za Bosnu i Hercegovinu
       Privacy Agreement for Croatia: Sporazum o zaštiti privatnosti za Hrvatsku 
       Privacy Agreement for Macedonia: Договор за приватноста за Македонија
       Privacy Agreement in Arabic:  اتفاقية الخصوصية باللغة العربية
       Privacy Agreement in Hebrew: הסכם פרטיות בעברית
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